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4.0 / 5.0 はあまり知られていないかもしれませんが、世界中に 1 サーバーを保有し、1ライセンス当たりのデバイス数は 1 なので、考えてみてもいいでしょう。 は価格で 3.5 にランクされ、最低価格は $ 5.75/月 です。

Aug 19, 2018 ユーザーレビュー
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Their customer service is terrible

I bought this so I could, watch Kodi and apks,streaming etc ,I bought 3yrs subscription, and can't get it too work at all,It downloaded fine,set up servers etc but couldn't connect!? And on the android version, its absolute garbage tbh!! It won't let you pass,the login page!?? There's no help as they never answer the support ticket ,which I've sent 3 times and just got sick of trying, so I've learned the hard way,go for a reputable company,and just have to except I lost my money,and have to go with nord or ISP so I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who doesn't know much about vpns,and advanced computer skills, do not buy!! Or expect to lose your money!!

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    It sucks !!

    I bought it for my android box, and did exactly what it said to do,even on my mobile phone, I can't get it to work,it won't accept my username & password!!? And customer service, is the worst I've had so far,you send a ticket,but no one gets back to help you!!? So I don't know why it's getten 4* it blows my mind,it's not as simple as its made out!! Sick I bought 3yrs of this garbage that no one even answers you!? Great, I'd give it 0 stars only but it won't let me.

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    Craig Brown
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    it has always worked

    Good support, constant quality, no logs, working on a MacBook Pro. Got a good lifetime deal. What else can I say? It slows down normal connection just a tad, but for privacy is well worth it. Recommended.

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      機能・特徴 説明
      サーバー配置箇所(国)数 1
      サーバー数 1
      IPアドレス数 1
      VPNはログを記録するか なし
      キルスイッチ装備 なし
      1ライセンスで使えるデバイス数 1
      価格 3.5 / 5.0
      1 Year
      $ 5.75 /月
      3 Months
      $ 6.33 /月
      1 Month
      $ 9.00/月

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