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Atlas VPN 評判ー 2022 - なぜ 8.0 星なのか?

評価: 8.0/10
高橋健 技術系ライター


Atlas VPNの機能【2022 5月最新情報】

💸 価格 2.05 USD/月
📆 返金保証期間 30 日
📝 VPNはログを記録している? なし
🖥 サーバー数 700+
🛡 キルスイッチ あり
🗺 本社の所在地 United States
📥 トレントに対応 あり

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返金保証 (日数) : 30
モバイルアプリ :
ライセンスごとの端末数 : 無制限

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Definitely a great VPN services

I've been using Atlas VPN for some time now and it surely met my expectations. What I like the most is the simple way of using the Atlas VPN app on my phone but even on my laptop it's just several clicks and you're connected which is great. Also, I found SaveSwap to be a very interesting feature that I haven't seen before in the VPN market and it really helps when it comes to ensuring your online privacy. Good VPN services, definitely worth trying.

Kill my Internet connection

For me, this program has become a nightmare since I installed it, unfortunately. When I installed it for the first time, it killed my Internet connection in my brand new laptop with Windows 10. I uninstalled several programs to try to find out which program caused the issue. Uninstalling Atlas VPN did not fix my Internet connection issues so initially, I didn’t think it was related to this VPN program. So I decided to reset the factory settings of my new laptop and start from scratch. The Internet connection worked fine until I installed AtlasVPN. One of the big problems is the kill switch thing. Another one is that it doesn’t kick in automatically in Windows 10 even if you set it up to do so. Atlas VPN confirmed to me that this is an issue that will be solved in future upgrades but this was months ago and there’s still nothing on this. They have also admitted that the issue with their Kill-switch feature is that it remains enabled if you do not disconnect from the VPN manually, for example, disconnect on computer shutdown. This causes you to not have any Internet connection on your next launch since the Kill-switch is stopping your Internet traffic without their VPN servers. Another issue is that I cannot always manually open the program when I start the computer, and if I cannot manually open it, then I won’t get any connection to the Internet. It’s a hopeless situation for me. I am wasting so much time with this program :(

The Latest up is better

Try Atlas and its latest update I had problems before and now the kill switch is now working for me. I was also told in the future they will be adding multi-hop but could not give me a time to when it would be added. Just remember they are new but one thing I got to say is they do listen to customers.

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