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CM VPN Conceals My Very Private Networking - 10
Marla Benjamin

It gives my worrisome mind great relief in being able to rely on CM VPN for providing me the utmost security and privacy whenever I am online, whether using my data connection via my service provider or via WiFi. An especially nice feature is how it makes WiFi connections more secure. With all the spying on Internet connectivity so commonly happening, CM VPN gives a person peace of mind by eliminating that possibility. As a bonus, you can earn & accumulate points toward earning more service features, with the possibility of eventually accumulating enough points to earn free lifetime CM VPN service.

廣告多,CM 全家桶式捆綁推銷,安裝後無法移除 - 2

如題 1. 廣告太多 2. 我安裝了CM Security Master,它就會推銷你也安裝這個vpn 3. 現在想移除,但在app清單裡居然找不到這個vpn;於是去play商店,顯示什麼裝置不相容,照樣沒有刪除的選項可按 4.除此之外,CM獵豹移動執行長也坦承用戶資料會儲存於中國的主機 另外,CM獵豹的母公司是金山,曾有很多爭議的商業行徑

Vraiment très bien - 8

Pour le moment pas de probleme!! je travail sur plusieurs pc; un avec cm , un autre avec proton ...les 2 autres c est kaspersky !! aucun beug ; essayez le , pour la petite info fonctionne mieux que betternet !!

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