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Not working. Terrible customer service - 2
WM -
1月 15, 2022

I'm surprised this review is listed as being updated on Jan 22 and still lists US Netflix access, when no access to US Netflix has been possible via Getflix since Sept 21 and still isn't possible. As of this week access to Amazon, Prime US has also failed for me and the terrible customer service makes the whole experience so much worse. Typically the chat responses work until you ask a tricky question (like when will this be fixed?) and then they will disconnect you and the entire chat box option then disappears. To make matters worse, despite knowing that several friends and colleagues have had the same experience (of being prematurely cut off) they will try to tell you that you disconnected the chat and that it must be an issue with your internet, although that has literally never happened to me on any other chat service online! In the past the service would go down and they would tell you the backend team was working on fixing it and you'd get an eta, but now it seems that access to Netflix US and Amazon US are not going to be fixed, which is a core part of why people are using the service. It's cheaper than other options but now you know why...

Matt Dean
No longer works with Netflix, other services... perhaps - 2
Matt Dean -
12月 31, 2021

The service has no longer worked with Netflix since September 2021. Customer support does not reply to Tickets. I find it incredible that they are still charging and also selling for a service that is no longer functional. Some of the other streaming platforms may work but Netflix is a no-go. Buyer Beware.

Unable to cancel automatic renewal! - 2

I haven't used it for 2 years and suddenly a payment has been taken without notice. I did not realize it was an automatic renewal and have tried contacting customer support who say I can cancel online but it won't let me. The only choice I seem to have now is to cancel my credit card to stop this from happening again. Very distressing.

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