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サーバーのある国数 9
サーバー数 10
IPアドレス数 10
VPNはログを記録している? なし
VPNは停止スイッチが搭載されている? なし
ライセンスごとの端末数 1

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This is good service - 10
Ryanjhu88 -
10, 2020

A good VPN saw a friend and, on his advice, installed. Everything is loaded quickly, did not notice connection breaks, which means anonymity at the level, but it is better to use 2 VPN servers since communication breakdowns are standard, even a VIP VPN will not give a 100% guarantee.

Speed high - 10
Evan Green -
5, 2020

I use a VPN to play games with peace of mind. LOL loads fast, low ping. I did not notice any disconnections. iNnja guarantees good communication quality, which means complete confidentiality. I recommend!

I Like this VPN - 10
Nate Miller -
17, 2020

I use iNnja VPN to watch TV shows. Finally, I found a normal VPN that is unlimited and does not particularly reduce the speed of the Internet. There were no breakdowns, which is very important. I will certainly recommend it!

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評価: 9.9 / 10

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