InvinciBull 評判ー 2021 - なぜ 5.4 星なのか?

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サーバーのある国数 27
サーバー数 60
IPアドレス数 76
VPNはログを記録している? なし
VPNは停止スイッチが搭載されている? なし
ライセンスごとの端末数 無制限

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返金保証 (日数) :
モバイルアプリ :
ライセンスごとの端末数 : 無制限

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The worst VPN I tested! - 2

I tried the free version. After download I tried to launch, it blocked twice the laptop (windows 10)! Then impossible to uninstall. There is nothing called invincibull in the start menu. It doesn't appear in the uninstaller program of window. It looks very sneaky. Bad feeling to be trojaned! Impossible to find how to delete my account on their website.

It has the worse customer support in the industry. - 2

Their dashboard is archaic by any ergonomic standards. It is clunky. Their customer support is non-existent. I waited over 5 days to get a simple response and asked twice. I cancelled my subscription. One star

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評価: 9.9 / 10

評価: 9.9 / 10

評価: 9.5 / 10

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