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機能・特徴 詳細
サーバーのある国数 14
サーバー数 20
IPアドレス数 20
VPNはログを記録している? 部分的に
VPNは停止スイッチが搭載されている? あり
ライセンスごとの端末数 無制限

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返金保証 (日数) : 7
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ライセンスごとの端末数 : 無制限
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Simply the Best! - 10

Keenow is simple the best VPN I have found. Been a customer for several years and I highly recommend it. Once I found Keenow, I no longer had any need for any of the other services I had tried previously, they just didn't match up to Keenow and most were highly rated with lots of promises. Customer service is excellent and the price point is inline with others. Reliability has always been good as cannot remember a time when there was an outrage of any kind that affected me. Without a doubt the easiest VPN to use that I have tried. Loads of servers to access from many countries, at least 40 countries not the 14 mentioned in the article.

Easy to use and very reliable VPN service - 10

Keenow is not just another VPN service. It works. Period. While this may be true for other services, what makes Keenow so special is its outstanding customer service. Each time I run into a tiny problem the support staff is there immediately to help me out. And if they can't provide an instant solution, they will give me a timeline by when it will be fixed, and they have always kept their promise. In fact, they make their service constantly better and better! It is easy to setup and use, no hassle, and I can highly recommend it.

Works well,great customer service - 10
Phil Shusterman

I has some questions about installation. Kneenow customer service responded immediate and installation was easy. Their technical department also resolved a problem I was having with one site. The service works well and will recommend Kneenow to others

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評価: 9.9 / 10

評価: 9.9 / 10

評価: 9.6 / 10

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