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Speedify VPN 評判【2022年】|危険な無料VPNに注意!

評価: 8.0/10
ニッキー・ホセック サイバーセキュリティー研究者


Speedifyの機能【2022 8月最新情報】

💸 価格 4.99 USD/月
📆 返金保証期間 30 日
📝 VPNはログを記録している? なし
🖥 サーバー数 56+
💻 ライセンスごとの端末数 5
🛡 キルスイッチ あり
🗺 本社の所在地 United States
📥 トレントに対応 あり


返金保証 (日数): 30
ライセンスごとの端末数: 5
VPN プラン:

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Does what it proclaims, Well

The frustration of losing a game to a dropped connection is slowly becoming history. I had real difficulties finishing a round in 1 game. Because wifi signals seem to "float", the signal strength fluctuates & sometimes games don't allow for time-outs to reconnect so you die. They've figured out how to keep a smoother signal strength going by using multiple signals. Exactly what I needed. The only reason it loses 1 star with me is its price. 1 device fits my needs but 2g doesn't go very far. Since I have a reliable vpn & this is the 1st I found it's likely there are others. Time will tell if I will upgrade or unload it. Maybe if there was more than just unlimited use + additional device keys it would be more tempting. Bottom line Great product but a little pricey for my needs. However, if I had 5 devices to cover it would be quite reasonable @ the annual pricing. ENJOY

Bonding tech 100% works! VPN? Not sure.

Okay so, I live in an apartment complex that has "free" wifi. a few problems: 1 I need to use a VPN to mask my data, 2:They cap each connection to around 1.3 MB/s (around 10.4 Mbps). 3. I do like to access Netflix in other regions. 1. So it hides my IP address. that's great. If you read reviews like this one: it shows that it does the VPN part fine. 2. I installed Express VPN and yeah, that didn't help with problem 2. However, speedy DEFINITELY works. I connect my phone to the WiFi, then anchor it to my laptop via USB. Then connect to WiFi with a laptop, and boom I'm at 2.2 MB/s (17.6 Mbps) ranging all the way up to 26 Mbps! So the bonding technology WORKS FOR SURE. Okay so, bonding and VPN... my most important 2 features are met, so I signed up.. at least for a month. But probably longer b/c I want to support the technology. The other thing that is nice, is, even if you are at home if you just suddenly find your internet is slow, connect your phone, and boom you have way more downlinks. So there is a strong use case for it overall. 3. Streaming movies: I started up a movie on amazon prime, and it was just fine. In fact, it suddenly defaulted to the "best option" all while my steam game was still downloading. I honestly don't have the time to check Netflix (I don't even have it). But meh.

Free version is now totally crippled and useless

The free version is useless - you can't manually select server location, and the app will automatically select a local server for you (which basically means you can't use a foreign one, and no foreign internet service could be accessed).

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