UltraVPN 評判ー 2020 - なぜ 8.6 星なのか?

ケイト・ヴィール | サイバーセキュリティー研究者


機能・特徴 詳細
サーバーのある国数 100
サーバー数 1000
IPアドレス数 100
VPNはログを記録している? あり
VPNは停止スイッチが搭載されている? あり
ライセンスごとの端末数 6

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返金保証 (日数) : 30
モバイルアプリ :
ライセンスごとの端末数 : 6

UltraVPN ユーザーレビュー

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Works well - 10
匿名 -
19, 2020

I found all locations all worked great, no issues for me, which is surprising as most VPN have lots of wrong location IPs. I didn't notice any speed issues when was using to stream content over the weekend.

Doesn't do what it says on the tin. - 2
Jonathon Hamilton -
8, 2020

Disconnects several times during online surfing which defeats the very reason you purchase a VPN. Trying to get a refund within the 30 days deadline is quite frankly impossible. Suggest you avoid Ultravpn at all costs. Customer service via ping pong email is also VERY frustrating.

Pricing not transparent - 2
Bruce -
26, 2020

Signed up to Ultra VPN to watch the BBC and it doesn't work. I was blocked. On top of that i realized that the advertised price goes up after it renews. A total scam do not use it. These guys are associated with Safe VPN, Privacy VPN and Trust AV. All have different prices, all charge you more after the subscription renews. All very dishonest.

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