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VeePN 評判ー 2022 - なぜ 5.4 星なのか?

評価: 5.4/10


VeePNの機能【2022 10月最新情報】

💸 価格 1.67 USD/月
📆 返金保証期間 30 日
📝 VPNはログを記録している? なし
🖥 サーバー数 2500+
💻 ライセンスごとの端末数 10
🛡 キルスイッチ あり
🗺 本社の所在地 Panama
📥 トレントに対応 あり


返金保証 (日数): 30
ライセンスごとの端末数: 10
VPN プラン:

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They know who I am
They know who I am
9月 18, 2022

They didn't give me my refund and ignored my emails as well. I need my money back right now, I was just trying and testing but that service is real bad... Give my money back y'all be scamming people out there y'all a shame.

Harry B
Harry B
8月 5, 2022
Money back is not guaranteed

I was looking for a VPN I could use and this came up as one of the first options. I saw it said there was a money-back guarantee and a trial period. I purchased the one-month plan and quickly saw the program itself was not the best. I didn't even use the product and asked for a refund within the first hour of the payment. I was told to wait and they'd have someone get back to me. I sent three more messages and no one got back to me. Well, they finally got back to me after the trial period. No potential for a refund because it was after the trial period even though I had messaged them three times prior, one even being within the first hour of me purchasing it. If you decide to go with this VPN, just know there isn't a trial period. they will just wait till your trial period is over before even responding to your refund request. If this is how bad service is, I can't imagine what else they are not willing to help you with.

Willow McPhie
Willow McPhie

I was paying for a monthly subscription but then paid for a 5-year subscription (non-recurring) to save money. This was in late March. I paid $99.99 for the 5 years. I then checked my account on their website to see if I needed to cancel the monthly subscription. The only active subscription shown there was the 5-year. There was no option to cancel anything. I checked thoroughly. Then I was billed $10.99 in late April for the monthly subscription. I contacted customer service to correct this. They said I did have two active subscriptions. They canceled the monthly plan, but they refused to refund me for the errant charge. I explained that there was no option to cancel. They ignored me and blamed me for the charge and insisted they were not at fault.

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