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4.0 / 5.0
機能・特徴 4.0 / 5.0
使いやすさ 4.0 / 5.0
価格 3.9 / 5.0
信頼性とサポート 4.2 / 5.0

VPNArea はあまり知られていないかもしれませんが、世界中に 209 サーバーを保有し、1ライセンス当たりのデバイス数は 5 なので、考えてみてもいいでしょう。 VPNArea は価格で 3.9 にランクされ、最低価格は $ 4.92/月 です。

Dec 2, 2018
VPNArea ユーザーレビュー
John Plaza
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scam. Avoid! Beware.

No way to cancel. Money back guarantee is a joke. I sent several email to the company and they will not email you back. Avoid! Beware.

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当社は全てのユーザーレビューを掲載しています。(?使いたいなら、ご存知でしたか? 企業は支払いによってレビューを掲載したり、撤回したりできません。

    Dimi Dobrev
    Dimitry from VPNArea

    John Plaza according to our records you were successfully refunded within 2 days of your request. We hope that your doubts were put to rest since you've received your refund. We want to also clarify to the people reading that the reason for you to request a refund according to you was that a member of your family bought the account without your permission and not because you did not like the service.

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    Poor customer support, VPNArea has very primitive ways to connect if you are using iOS.

    VPN Area – Poor Client support, “7 Day Money back” is a waste of time. They do not reply to your emails or requests. No option to cancel in members area. Now for service: Very poor members area, they use native OpenVpn app for ios. They do not support socks5 proxy, they do not support OpenElec VPN.

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      Dimi Dobrev
      Dimitry from VPNArea - Client was refunded successfully

      Client was refunded successfully within 48 hours. We do have OpenElec support. We have our own iOS app on App Store. All VPN companies use native OpenVPN App for iOS for the industry standard protocol OpenVPN. Our App makes the use of "OpenVPN Connect" app much easier as it handles all the configuration. We don't sell proxies, we're a VPN company, not a Proxy company.

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      Scam Artists

      Long and short , signed up for an account , speeds were very slow in South Africa , so after two days of testing I canceled and requested a refund. Was told it was on the way within 48 hours , 3 days later I queried again ,was told 48 hours .A week later I queried , and was told its on its way Its about to be two weeks later and now they will not even respond to my emails .

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        機能・特徴 説明
        サーバー配置箇所(国)数 68
        サーバー数 209
        VPNはログを記録するか なし
        キルスイッチ装備 はい
        1ライセンスで使えるデバイス数 5
        価格 3.9 / 5.0
        1 Year
        $ 4.92 /月
        6 Months
        $ 8.33 /月
        1 Month
        $ 9.90/月

        このVPN プロバイダーについて、この分野に関するレビューはまだありません。もしあなたが、このプロバイダーがよいサービスを提供しているとお考えなら、あなたのユーザーレビューをご提供ください。私どもは、詳細なエキスパートレビューを加えてフォローいたします。

        返金保証 (日数): 7
        1ライセンスで使えるデバイス数: 5
        VPN プラン www.vpnarea.com
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