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Perimeter 81 評判ー 2022 - なぜ 8.2 星なのか?

サリット・ニューマン | インターネットセキュリティー研究者


Perimeter 81の機能【2022 1月最新情報】

💸 価格 $8/月
📆 返金保証期間 30
📝 VPNはログを記録している? なし
🖥 サーバー数 700
💻 ライセンスごとの端末数 10
🛡 キルスイッチ あり
🗺 本社の所在地 United States

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返金保証 (日数) : 30
モバイルアプリ : Y
ライセンスごとの端末数 : 10
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Perimeter 81 ユーザーレビュー

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Chris Samuelsson
Best Zero Trust Networking Access (ZTNA) Provider - 10
Chris Samuelsson -
11月 1, 2021

I have tried a few ZTNA service providers but Perimeter 81's ZTNA solution really stood out in a few different ways. What I really liked about Perimeter 81's ZTNA solution was its: - Ease of use - Remote access policies - Smooth onboarding process (very impressive) - Quick deployment - Outstanding customer support (they are super helpful) - Scalable - Cost-efficient - Simple cloud integration (we use Azure and the migration process was truly a breeze) But most importantly is that I have the ability to segment and manage users by roles with access policies which is a major plus in our hybrid remote workforce environment. I can grant certain permissions and segment our network into multiple subnets no matter where people are. Huge plus. Overall, Perimeter 81 wins the ZTNA battle. I highly recommend them.

Jeremy Denver
Best secure remote access solution for remote workers - 10
Jeremy Denver

Perimeter 81 has helped us tremendously in managing and setting up policies for our remote workforce. It was then much easier for me to explain to my manager the concept of "Zero trust" as he could see it in action for himself. Very easy to deploy and their support guides are super helpful.

Alex du Toit
Simple AWS cloud migration - 10
Alex du Toit

We were having difficulty migrating our AWS infrastructure until we switched to Perimeter 81. We were able to scale our entire organization (over 400+) into the cloud without the expensive headache and time-consuming hours of manual configuration. It's really as simple as installing the agent.

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